Friday, January 21, 2011

Play and Learn Snail by Discovery Toys

This is a really engaging and interesting toy for an older infant to explore. The snail actually has velcro on all of the removable pieces so they can easily be pulled apart . The flower in the centre can be pulled out and the circle on the snail's back can be detached. There is a shaker, squeaker, and rattle attached to the snail and the flower has crinkly petals. Although the cause-effect aspects of the toy are simple, they are very appealing to young children. Not only is this a great toy to cuddle with, it can also serve as a simple 3-D puzzle that will help young children engage in simple problem solving activities as they take the toy apart and then later learn how to put it back together. Strengths: It's filled with all of the sounds and sensations that babies find interesting. Weaknesses: Initially the flower is a little bit hard to remove from the circle on the snail's back, but as the toy gets more use it becomes much easier to get the pieces apart.

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  1. But you'd better hurry! Discovery Toys is about to discontinue this product at the end of the season. You can find it at on sale til the end of January 2011 and available at full price until the end of February, while supplies last.