Saturday, March 12, 2011

Wonder Dice by Haba

This set of eleven fabric blocks is a great "first" block set. Each foam block is covered with cotton and polyester (which is hand washable) and is easy for little hands to grasp and knock down. Each block has a different texture or pattern on it and there are flaps to lift, ribbons to feel, fabrics to rustle, and bells to rattle. Strengths:  The fact that there are different shapes and sizes of blocks included in the set is very appealing. Most cloth block sets are made up of mostly squares and triangles, but this one includes cylinders, half circles, arches, and different sized squares. This really allows for lots of different stacking opportunities. Weaknesses:  Because some of the fabrics are very light colours I have found that the blocks can appear "stained" much more quickly than other fabric and foam blocks that I have.

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