Friday, March 11, 2011

Little People Animal Sounds Barn by Fisher Price

Every toy collection should have a barn and a nice array of animals. This is another really solid addition to the Little People collection of "real life" toys. The barn comes with Farmer Jed, a cow, horse, pig, sheep, and goat that can be easily stored in the silo. There is also a little chicken that stays attached to the front of the barn and when you push it from side to side a hay bale moves across the hay loft. There are great sliding windows on one end of the barn that uncover baby chicks and bunnies and the silo is a fun place to drop and hide the animals. If you choose to use the toy with the batteries (I don't) the different animals will oink, cluck, moo, baa, and neigh when put into their "stalls". Strengths: This is a fun barn with lots of areas to explore. The children I work with really seem to enjoy the sliding chicken the most because you can put other animals (or Farmer Jed) into the hay loft, push the chicken and make the other characters tumble off of the roof of the barn! Weaknesses: The biggest weakness that I have noticed is that since the back of the barn is open, it's easy for the animals and farmer to fall out when you pick it up. It's not the "old" Fisher Price Barn but is still a classic in it's own right.

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