Saturday, March 12, 2011

Laugh & Learning Kitchen by Fisher Price

A play kitchen just seems to be one of those timeless toys that every toddler can enjoy in one way or another. The Laugh & Learn Kitchen offers a wonderful range of exploratory activities with lots of great sound effects. The light over the sink & stove can be turned on and off, when the tap is pressed you can hear running water and dishes clattering, the oven door squeaks when it opens, and when you put a pan on the burner it boils or sizzles. There is also a recycling bin on the side of the oven where toys can be dropped into a tray inside of the oven. Additionally the door of the fridge is a three shape sorter (a milk carton is the square, carrots the triangle, and a jam jar the circle). The inside of the fridge lights up and there are peek-a-boo flaps that hide smiling fruits and veggies. Strengths: It's a sturdy toy that is interesting to explore. The tray that is inside of the oven is pretty roomy and can hold a variety of different objects. Weaknesses: The toy hinges together so you can actually close it for storage purposes. Unfortunately it doesn't latch shut so the two sides swing open easily and if you're storing toys inside they will naturally spill out. Another thing that I don't like about the toy (but this is probably just me) is that it does talk, so there are children that I work with that get caught up in just pushing the buttons to hear the voice. You can always take the batteries out, but then the other sounds on the toy don't work.

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