Friday, March 11, 2011

Little People Click n' Explore Barnyard by Fisher Price

This is another fun addition to the Fisher Price Farm set. This little "barn" comes with a farmer, tractor, horse, duck, and food bin that can be easily used with other Fisher Price toys. The pond has little peek-a-boo holes so when the child spins the "water" they discover fish and frogs underneath the surface. The door of the barn opens and closes, and the rooster that sits on top of the barn clicks when turned. Strengths: This is a simple toy without a lot of bells and whistles, which I like because it helps to encourage more imaginative play rather than repetitive button pushing or door opening/closing. Another cool thing is that the food bin can be attached to the back of the tractor and moved around the barnyard. Weaknesses: If you're looking for the complete farm experience you'll probably be disappointed with this toy. It's cute but doesn't have as many exploratory opportunities as a big barn. However, it's a great supplemental piece if your child really enjoys farm play.

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