Monday, February 8, 2010

Whirl & Go Turtle by Early Years

This cute little turtle pal is a top and a press-and- go toy combined into one. When the plunger on the turtle's back is pressed down the balls spin and when the plunger is released the toy zooms across the floor. Strengths: This is a durable toy that can take lots of abuse from little children and keep on working (mine has been dropped, thrown, walked on, and banged on numerous occasions and it still does what it is supposed to do). Weaknesses: The press-and-go feature of the turtle does not work well on all floor surfaces. This means it can be a frustrating activity for some children who get bored quickly with the toy just acting as a spinning top. Additionally, it's a fairly expensive toy for the actual play value of the item. Price: $25 - $30. Where to Buy: You can find Early Years toys in many large chain toy stores (e.g., Toys R Us), some specialty shops, and through on-line retailers like Amazon.

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