Friday, February 12, 2010

Little Super Star Classic Stacker by Fisher Price

This is an old standard when it comes to stacking toys. The stars slide down the pole and create and whoosh of soft music and twinkly light that many children find almost irresistible. Strengths: Because it is a stacking toy there is great play value for the money. Children can be endlessly entertained by the lights and sounds, but it is also a great toy to promote problem solving skills (how to get the stars on in the right order) as well as colour and number recognition. Weaknesses: I have gone through several of these stacking toys over the years and have found that this one tends to wear out quickly when given lots of use. The light and sounds are usually the first things to go, but the stacker is still functional after they quit, so this may not be a big drawback for some people. Price: $12 to $15. Where to Buy: Fisher Price toys are available at many different retailers such as Toys R Us, WalMart, Target, and of course Amazon.

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