Monday, February 8, 2010

Discovery Blocks By Haba

This is a cute set of small wooden blocks that are perfect for little hands to explore (1 year +). Each block offers a different sensory activity to experience. These include: a rattle, peek-a-boo mirror, kaleidoscope, squeaker, jingle bell, and spinning ball. Strengths: They are great exploration blocks that are made of hard wood and finished in child friendly paints and varnishes. Weaknesses: They are a little on the expensive side for only six blocks, but they are so durable that the price can be justified. When cleaning them don't submerge them in water - in my first set of these blocks several of them cracked when I did this. Now I just surface clean them and they're fine. Price: $20 - $25. Where to Buy: Haba toys can be found at many specialty toy stores and Amazon also carries a wide range of their products.

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