Monday, February 8, 2010

Newborn Stroller by Fisher Price

This little canopy stroller is a great fit for little ones who like to put toys in the stroller and then push them around. It's a cute stroller and the big wheels make it fairly easy for little ones to maneuver. Strengths: It's been very popular with the 12-22 months olds that work with (boys and girls alike). It's a nice size for little ones and is easy to push. I've found it to be fairly durable and easy to put dolls in/take them out. Weaknesses: It's a bit difficult to assemble. Additionally, it's not very heavy, so children should be fairly stable walkers before they start playing with the toy or they will be able to tip it over easily. Price: $35-$39. Where to Buy: I've found hat the stroller is usually in stock at Toys R Us/Babies R Us. You can also purchase it on-line through either Amazon or the Fisher Price website.

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