Saturday, May 21, 2011

Sophie the Giraffe by Vulli

Sophie is a cute and highly popular teething toy for infants and toddlers these days. She is made out of natural rubber and painted with a food-grade paint, which makes it safe for lots of chewing and gnawing by little ones with sore and irritated gums. The rubber on Sophie's ears, horns, and feet is thicker than that on the rest of her body, so these areas are especially durable for infants and toddlers to chew on. Strengths: Sophie is not only a teether but also an interesting toy for young explorers. The high contrast spots provide visual stimulation and there is a squeaker that is auditorily interesting for very young children. Additionally, Sophie's long, thin neck is easy for little hands to grasp and because she is so light, babies are able to safely hold and drop her. Weaknesses: Sophie is wonderful but a bit expensive for a teething toy. She does stand up to a lot of wear and tear but I have heard a few parents complain about the rubber cracking.

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