Monday, May 23, 2011

Little People Happy Sounds Home by Fisher Price

It's always fun to have a doll house for pretend play and this one is a durable option from Fisher Price. The house, which folds closed has three spacious "rooms" on two floors. The upstairs bedroom has a bed for the parents and a rocking crib for the baby. Downstairs you can find a living room, kitchen, washroom, and laundry room. The house also comes with two "adult" fisher price figures (a Mummy and Daddy), a baby, high chair, kitchen table, and two chairs. It's a toy that seems to appeal to children of all different ages. I have really young children that I work with who just enjoy pushing the buttons and putting the baby to bed, and older children who really get into the imaginative play aspect of the toy. Strengths: There are lots of different buttons and sounds for little ones to explore on this house. The phone rings, the toilet flushes, the shower makes running water sounds, the washing machine churns a load of clothes, and the doorbell rings. Weaknesses: The biggest drawback is that the table and chairs that come with the house are much to big to actually fit inside, so the family has to dine in the backyard. I also wish that there was some kind of sound effect in the kitchen like the fridge opening or the water running in the sink rather than the washing machine sound that the toy features.

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