Monday, May 23, 2011

Always Copycub by Richard Edwards

This book is now published under the name "Why Are You Hiding Copycub?" This is a delightful story of a baby bear who loved to play hiding games, but he could never seem to find a place to hide where his mother couldn't find him. One day he was exploring deep in the woods with his mother, but Copycub slipped away to find the best hiding place ever. When his mother wasn't looking he ran down to the stream, climbed up a hill, and wiggled into a hollow tree far away. He called out "Can't find me here!" so his mother would come and play the hiding game with him, but she didn't come. Soon Copycub decided to try and find his mother but he got lost and became scared. Just when he thought his mother would never find him again, she does! Mama bear takes him home and makes him promise that he will never run away ever again. Still she assures him that if he ever does get lost she will ALWAYS come and find him.

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