Monday, May 23, 2011

Little People Peek 'n Discover Backyard by Fisher Price

Every house needs a backyard that offers lots of different play options. If you're looking to expand the play options of the Happy Sounds Home by Fisher Price, this is a nice addition to the set. In addition to the girl and pet dog there is a two level play house, an open-and-close roofed dog house, a squeaking tree, a trike, a swing, and a slide. This means that there are lots of different options for pretend play with this toy. Strengths: The dog and girl figures are a little bit bigger than the traditional Little People figures, but I like them because they are very easy for little hands to manipulate and there is absolutely no choking risk. Weaknesses: Although the swing is a fun option on the toy, it doesn't really work as a swing because you can't push it back-and-forth. It spins fairly well but sometimes gets stuck when it bumps into the tree or side of the play house.

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