Monday, April 19, 2010

Drop & Giggle by Bright Starts

This is a cute little cause-effect toy that makes sounds when you drop a ball down one of three chutes. The balls roll out of the holes in the giraffe's feet and the game can start all over again. The toy is made of a durable plastic and is a nice height for toddlers when they are sitting on the ground. In my experience there is very little middle ground for this toy - children either love it or completely ignore it! Strengths: It's a very simple toy that is easy for older infants and toddlers to access. Weaknesses: The speaker is located on the bottom of the toy, so the sounds don't have a clear quality and can be difficult to hear. Also, there isn't a base that catches the balls when they roll out of the bottom of the toy, so you sometimes spend a lot of time chasing the balls. Price: $8 - $15. Where to Buy: The outlet with the best price for the toy is Amazon, but you can also find it on the Sassy website.

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