Thursday, April 1, 2010

Bounce & Giggle - Pig & Elephant by Fisher Price

The Bounce and Giggle toys by Fisher Price are predictably fun for most young children. The idea behind these toys is that if you push the nose of the animal, it starts to play music, bounce, and vibrate. Strengths: The toys are bright and colourful (there is also a cow in the series) and they are made of durable plastic. They're easy on batteries and produce a big effect when activated. They can help to promote different developmental skills, such as gross and fine motor skills, eye tracking, cause-effect, and hand-eye coordination. Weaknesses: It is difficult for children to activate they toys because the switches that are located on the end of each character's nose are sometimes hard to find and require a really firm push to make the toy work. Price: $13-$15. Where to Buy: These are not readily available through major toy outlets like Toys R Us. I have found them on Amazon (but quantities are limited) and eBay.

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