Monday, April 19, 2010

Amazing Animals Roll Along Musical Ark by Fisher Price

This is a fun addition to all of the other Amazing Animal toy sets. The ark is nice size and can comfortably accommodate several animal friends. It rolls easily on hard surface floors and the sounds it makes are not as annoying as some toys. Strengths: This is a great toddler and older infant toy because of the animals. They are a wonderful size for gripping and each of the larger animals has movable parts that click and make other fun sounds. Weaknesses: The rolling action of the ark doesn't work well on anything but a hard, flat surface, but that is fairly standard for most rolling toys. Price:$26 - $30. Where to Buy: The toy is difficult to find because I don't believe that Fisher Price is still producing it. However, there are some available through retailers like Amazon and eBay .

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