Thursday, December 31, 2009

Rolling Reflections by Discovery Toys

Mirrors are always popular with infants. What could be more fun that being able to look at and talk to the baby in the mirror? This is a great non-breakable mirror that rolls and jingles with the slightest touch, so it's a wonderful way to promote tummy time and movement in young infants. Strengths: As I mentioned this is a great toy to promote tummy time. Even babies who don't like to be on their tummies for more than a few seconds, are often interested is watching their reflections, so this can help them to build a tolerance for tummy time. Weaknesses: The mirror is a bit small, so it's hard for baby to look at both his or her face and the face of a parent in the mirror at the same time. Price: $10 - $13. Where to Buy: Discovery Toys no longer manufactures this toy, but Megcos Toys makes a really similar product. It can be purchased online through Amazon.

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