Thursday, December 31, 2009

Jungle Drums by Graeme Base

Jungle Drums is the story of a little warthog named Ngiri who was teased by the other animals because he was small and plain. He is given a set of magical bongo drums by a wise old wildebeest who tells him they will makes his wishes come true, but not always as he would expect. So one night Ngiri plays the drums and what results is a chaotic mix up with all of the other animals in the jungle. This is a great story for older preschoolers and school aged children that teaches a lesson about being happy with who they are. As with all books by Graeme Base the illustrations are fantastic and he provides all sorts of interesting details for children and adults to discover within the pictures. Where to Buy: All of Base's books are readily available at bookstores nationwide. You of course can also find them through online outlets like Amazon.

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