Saturday, December 12, 2009

Busy Box by Tomy

This is a great activity centre that will keep toddlers busy for a long time. The box features six different sides,each with a different activity to offer. The activities include: a shape sorter; an unlocking door with retractable key; a telephone; a pop-up pal; a clock with clicking hands; and spinning, clicking gears. The box is large enough that it won't cause children to become frustrated with the activities, but rather encourage them to explore more. Strengths: It's a wonderful toy that offers lots of options for play. Toddlers can use it independently, but it's the most fun when Mum or Dad sits and plays with them. Weaknesses: The key that unlocks the door can be a bit awkward for little hands. Price: $20-$30. Where to Buy: Can be found in most specialty toy shops.

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