Saturday, December 19, 2009

Oval Xylophone by Plan Toys

This is another well constructed wooden toy offered by Plan Toys. The keys are strung on a flexible strong and the wooden hammer is easy to attach to the side of the toy with a ribbon or string. This is a great first xylophone for younger infants (8 months+) because it is easy to strike and is light enough that it won't hurt if little fingers grab at the keys. Strengths: Because the keys are wooden they make a soft, somewhat muted tone when struck, so they aren't as jarring as the tones produced by a metal xylophone. Also, the materials used in the toy are non-toxic, so they don't pose a danger if a child still likes to mouth objects. Weaknesses: If you are looking for a xylophone that lets you play true sounding songs where the notes need to be "in tune" this is not the toy for you. The tone quality tends to be muddy because the keys are made of wood rather than metal. Price: $20 - $23 Where to Buy: Most specialty toy shops carry wooden toys like Plan, but the toys can also be found through retailers like Amazon. Silly Goose Toys ( is an online outlet that carries a great range of wooden and specialty toys.

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