Sunday, October 17, 2010

Pumpkin Soup by Helen Cooper

Although this isn't technically a Halloween book, it seems to fit in with stories about autumn and pumpkins! The story is of three friends who all live together in a pumpkin house. Cat, Squirrel, and Duck are friends who made the best pumpkin soup ever. Cat sliced the pumpkin, Squirrel stirred the water, and Duck adds the salt! But one morning Duck decides he wants to stir the soup! The friends have a fight and Duck leaves. Cat and Squirrel wait for him, but he doesn't come back, so they make the soup without any salt. Soup without salt wasn't very tasty, so Cat and Squirrel decide to find Duck and tell him that he can stir the soup if he comes back. When Duck returns he stirs the soup so fast it slops out of the pot and the pot gets burnt. But the friends still insist that it is the best soup they have ever tasted. This is such a great story, filled with lively characters, that I've used with fairly young children and have always gotten a positive response from them.

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