Sunday, October 17, 2010

Hoodwinked by Arthur Howard

Mitzi is a little witch who is searching for the perfect, creepy pet. She goes to a pet shop called Cackle & Company that specializes in scary pets. Mitzi tries a toad covered with slime named Mumps, but he wasn't all that creepy. Next, she tried two bats she named Toothache and Earwax, but all they did was hang around one another. Mitzi returned the bats and decided to think long and hard about the pet she would chose. She went home and soon there was a scratching at her door. When she opened it up she found an adorable marmalade kitten - YUCK. But as Mitzi gets to know the kitten, she discovers that she likes him and wants to keep him as her own. She names the kitten Hoodwink and even all of her creepy relatives like him. Despite the pictures of witches and other creepy critters, this is a very uncreepy, sweet, and fun picture book suitable for little ones who are just getting into spooky things.

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