Sunday, January 10, 2010

Mozart Magic Cube by Munchkin

This is a simple but auditorily interesting cause-effect toy that is easy for older infants and toddlers to operate. The idea behind the toy is that you push one of the large buttons to hear a single musical instrument play a song (one of the buttons actually lets you hear the entire orchestra play the song). Mine is an older version of the cube that plays a range of different children's songs, but the newer one actually plays classical music by Mozart. Strengths: The buttons are easy to activate so a young child could potentially play more independently with the toy. Weaknesses: The cube itself is a bit bulky and hard to physically manipulate, so a child could wind up listening to a single instrument over and over again. Price: $16 - $21. Where to Buy: Specialty toy shops usually carry this line of toys, but you can also find it through on-line retailers.

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