Monday, January 18, 2010

Laugh & Learn Learning Phone by Fisher Price

This cell phone which counts, plays music, says familiar phrases, and recites the alphabet, is an amusing toy for most older infants and toddlers. The screen lights up when you push the buttons and it rings just like a real phone. Strengths: It can be a great deterrent for a child how likes to play with Mum or Dad's phone. It's colourful and has lots of different play "modes". Weaknesses: The volume of the toy in the store is significantly higher than what it is when you get it home (which is a federally mandated safety law), but there isn't a volume switch/control that lets you adjust the sound for your child. Price: $19-$24. Where to Buy: Fisher price toys are widely available and can be found at retailers like WalMart, Target, and Toys R Us. You can also purchase it online through places like Amazon or directly through the Fisher Price site (

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