Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Basic Skills Board by Melissa & Doug

This board is designed to teach children basic dressing skills (e.g., lacing, tying, snapping, buttoning, zipping, and buckling/unbuckling.) Each piece of clothing is mounted on a separate "puzzle piece" so it can be removed from the board and things can be rearranged. Strengths: Like all of the Melissa and Doug puzzles, this is a very sturdy toy. Weaknesses: Since the pieces of the clothing aren't secured to the base of the board they come out easily. It's difficult to teach the basic skills of buttoning, lacing, and snapping when the pieces aren't stationary. I glued the pieces into place and have found that the children I work with seem to enjoy the toy much more now. Price: $19 - $23. Where to Buy: Naturally the toy is available on Amazon, but you may also find it in specialty toy shops that carry the Melissa & Doug line of puzzles and toys.

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