Thursday, April 4, 2013

Tobbles Neo by Fat Brain Toys

This fun stacking toy is one that truly catches the attention of busy toddlers! Tobbles Neo are lightly weighted spheres made of smooth plastic on top and a more textured, soft, easy to grip plastic on the bottom.  These vibrantly coloured spheres can be stacked traditionally or in fun and unusual angles. Because of the texture on the bottom half of each tobble and the fact that each sphere has a small indentation on the top, stacking is an easy task for toddlers who are learning how to coordinate fine motor movements. They are also great for promoting colour recognition, basic size concepts (e.g., big and little), and simple cause-effect relationships. Strengths: This is a fun toy that can keep toddlers entertained for a fairly long period of time. It is a simple toy, but one that offers great play value for the money spent. It’s also one that can grow with a child. I’ve used it with children as young as 10 months olds and as old as three years (and every age in between), and I have yet to find a child who doesn’t find a new way to explore and play with the toy. Weaknesses: Because of the indentation on the top of each tobble they can be difficult to roll, which frustrates some children. Also, you must have the base (it comes with the toy) in order to stack the tobbles. If the base is misplaced the toy basically becomes a “ball toy” which, as I’ve mentioned, can lead to frustration for some children. Overall it’s a fun toy that puts a new twist on a stacking game.

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