Monday, April 1, 2013

Sheep in the Cloud Rattling Figure by Haba

This simple little toy is a wonderful clutching toy/rattle for children who are interested in simple cause/effect play or enjoy grasping toys and exploring their sensory aspects. This small sheep has a stacked design of solid wooden rings and two small “hands” threaded on a cord that is integrated into the centre of the toy. It’s small enough to be easily help even by little hands and the soft rattle of the arms when the toy is shaken produces a pleasant soft clacking noise. Like all Haba toys it is earth friendly, with materials coming from sustainable managed forests and the stain on the wood is non-toxic and water based. Strengths: It promotes visual tracking (following with the eyes), listening skills, and grasping skills. It is a solidly built toy and there is no risk of any of the parts separating from one another. I like it because it is small enough to tuck into little spaces so children have to use sounds or word approximations to get the toy from me! It’s also great because if you use it to promote a social exchange with a chronologically or developmentally young child you can gently rock the toy just out of the child’s reach and wait for them to smile, look at you, make sounds, or physically move in order to get the toy. Weaknesses: It’s a small toy and a bit on the pricey side, but it is well worth the investment.

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