Thursday, June 9, 2011

Lil Mover Fire Truck by Fisher Price

Fisher Price has a great reputation for making durable toys that appeal to children of many different ages. This sturdy little truck is no exception. It's a nice size for toddlers and has some interesting little cause/effect features.There are 4 sounds when you press down on the driver's seat: a fire engine's horn, police sirens, ladder extending with a dog barking, and the "Up and down, down and up" song. The truck comes with two characters, a fireman and dog with a fire helmet (not pictured). Strengths:  The truck appeals to very young toddlers because it is so easy to manipulate but older children also like it because it's a fun toy for imaginary play. It rolls easily on a variety of different surfaces and the figures are easy to insert/remove from the truck seat and ladder bucket. Weaknesses:  Because the ladder can be folded down there is a risk that little fingers could be pinched, but I've personally never had any difficulties with the toy and the children I work with seem to love it.

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