Monday, February 7, 2011

Peeks the Clown by Discovery Toys

This is from the archives of Discovery Toys but it's a little Jack-In-The-Box that many of my younger clients have really enjoyed. Peeks is made of soft fabric with some kind of loose spring inside of his body so you can push him down into the box, close the lid, and he'll still gently pop out when the large yellow button is pushed. When you push Peeks down, he emits a little squeak that many children demonstrate a real curiosity about. Additionally you can completely remove Peeks from the box and play with him like a stuffed toy or doll. Strengths: He is a "kinder and gentler" Jack-In-The-Box than many of the more traditional models. Also he is easy to activate. There is no handle to turn just a nice big button to push. This is a nice type of "first" Jack -in-the-Box for young children who don't enjoy the big popping action of a more traditional pop-up box. Weaknesses: I'm not sure if Peeks is available any longer through Discovery Toys. I've had mine for years so it wouldn't surprise me if they no longer carried the toy. Some times Peeks get stuck in the box so the pop-up action can be a bit delayed, which some children find extremely frustrating.


  1. Dear Dr. Horner,
    I love when you review Discovery Toys and hope that your reviews inspire your readers to seek out our fine products. Unfortunately, as you suspected, Peeks the Clown is no longer available, but for a small fee, I can try to locate him for anyone who is interested. When you review items that are currently in our line, your readers can easily find them online.

  2. Hi Billie,

    Thanks so much for all of your great comments. I love Discovery Toys and it's so nice to have someone around who is so familiar with the line.


  3. I'd be interested in purchasing a Peeks the Clown for a reasonable price. I'm a teacher of toddlers with disabilities and I'd like it for use with my children, not for any "vintage" value. Anyone know of one for sale?

    1. I have one of these items if anyone is interested. It's in really good condition & clean. Make me an offer as I am willing to sell the one I have. Email me at

      Thank you.

  4. I would love to purchase one as well if anyone knows of one still for sale!